Un vero inizio!

It feels like it was just yesterday when it was snowing and it was the beginning of the Spring semester and I said to myself, “I just want this semester to end so I can go to Italy this summer”. It is hard to believe that I am finally here! Since I fell in love with the Italian language I knew I wanted to study abroad. I wanted to spend the semester abroad because I wanted to speak exceptional Italian, but that did not sit well with my overprotective parents. Eventually they changed their minds, convinced by a professor of mine. This made me glad; yet I was told by certain students that it would not be a good experience, that it was only a month and I would be in class for most of it. Though I have been here for only three days, I can say that person is very wrong! I have already been introduced to so many people.

1052841_10151550639791647_1954772307_o(1)I imagined Montepulciano as a very small town with just natives and few tourists. I have noticed that it is bigger than I expected and that there are a good number of tourists (though few from the United States). 1040408_286686894808832_1151023645_oI also thought my room would be a lot less elegant. I thought I would be in a small room like the dormitories at SCSU, shared with one of the girls. I was completely wrong; I have a huge bed with curtains and I feel like a “regina”.1053330_10151772875018623_695060247_o(1)My apartment has a beautiful rustic feel, and I feel so blessed that I am living in the beautiful city in this gorgeous apartment. I am the luckiest person in the world!


–Annie Tullo, SCSU


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