Happy Late Easter everyone!

Last week our campus was completely silent. The majority of students who could go home for the holiday did and there was almost a peaceful yet eerie air to the university. I stayed behind along with a few of my friends and we decided to cook a nice Easter lunch at another of our friends homes. We bought cappretto for the main meal and was cooked with potatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, herbs and spices, for our antipasto we decided to fry up the zucchini flowers, bought some cheese, olives and roasted the other peppers and zucchini in a pan. We also made a tomato and cucumber salad that went along nicely with everything. It was a lot of food for only four people, and we demolished it. It is nice to eat a nice home cooked meal after relying on dining hall food since we got back from our Christmas holidays.

After we had lunch, we relaxed and went out into Viale for a coffee. We stayed there for a good two hours just talking, and joking around until finally deciding to call it a day. Monday would be the ever famous Pasquetta or Easter Monday. It is usually celebrated by getting together with all of your friends and having a giant cookout or picnic. This is always held rain or shine. This year it rained, but what is a little water to stop us from enjoying ourselves. My friends and I went into the mountains to small town outside of Udine called Nimis. We then got together with friends of my friends for a cookout. They roasted chicken, pork, sausages (you name it we ate it) and they even made paste for us as well. It was muddy and messy, but we all had a really nice time. By 8pm we had to catch the train back to Trieste for the night. Now because of the Easter Holiday and then the Italian Liberation coming soon after that, the University was closed for the week. I guess my professor did not get the memo because she still held class. Oh well it is that time of year again where we need to start preparing for our exams which are fast approaching.

Only a few more weeks of classes until our final exams are upon us and only a few more months until my grand reentry into the US. Time is flying by and before I know it, this experience will be soon be over.

Sending my love to all



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